Ugo Mozie MM Interview 2013

Celebrity stylist and Creative Director Ugo Mozie sits down with Millennium Male to discuss the importance of fashion stylist in the entertainment industry

Ugo Mozie MM Interview 2013 Ugo Mozie MM Interview 2013

Style x Metal



One of our male staff members is currently in the market for a car, and as you can imagine, being a Millennium Male and all, he’s looking for something stylish. With being stylish however comes with a cost…. Or does it? (more…)

Speed x Lotus

Lotus C-01

Lotus C-01

The World is forever changing, images of the future once shown on television are becoming images of today in real life. (more…)

Empower Your Partner.

Woman Empowerment

Always remember that Men rule the world but, Women rule the men, therefore we are equal. One cannot prosper without the other and your partner must feel this way at all times. You’re woman must feel appreciated and not only that she must feel like she is indeed a factor in your life.The more you appreciate your woman the better Man you will be and you will inspire her to be a better Woman. Below are a few ways that you can empower the Woman you’re with. (more…)